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A history that began in 1894

Founded as a small paper mill, today Bartoli is a cutting-edge company, a leader in the production of specialty cartons for the industry


80 employees


1 Manufacturing plant

100% Made in Italy Production 7/7 days - h 24 22,000 sqm covered area of 105,000 smq


80 + countries

in which we distribute our products

1894 - Fondazione


The Founding

The history of BARTOLI spa paper mill originated in the late 1800s when in Villa Basilica, a small town between the provinces of Lucca and Pistoia, a center of paper production since the 14th century, Giuseppe Bartoli together with his two sons began the production of the family's air-dried paper.



The move to Lucca

Investments in machines and tools of the time followed year after year until, after World War II, Bartolo Bartoli and his young wife Adelina moved to the nearby city of Lucca, founding a paper mill that was more modern in technology, organization and size.



A new plant for new challenges

It was his three sons, Sergio, Marco and Maurizio, who thus reached the fourth generation, who in 1972 built at the current site in Carraia, PM1, a new technologically advanced plant in the manufacture of specialty paperboards destined mainly for the office papermaking sector.


1984 - 1990

Production of shoe fibers begins

Ten years later, in the spirit that has always guided them, they build a new line, PM2, destined for a new market: footwear fiberboard, which will make the company appreciated in more than 80 countries.



Investment in innovation continues

In 1990 a new investment is decided upon, the construction of the third line, PM3, with which the company will in time reach a daily production capacity of over 70 tons.



A new material: Duralite®

UFurther specialization of the company in the footwear sector comes with the creation of PM4, a new production line dedicated to a fiber decidedly innovative for its very high physical-mechanical properties: DURALITE®

2017 - Naturanda


A new era: Naturanda® production begins.

In 2017, with a view to diversification, the Consumer Naturanda® line for the production of cellulose tableware and packaging was born. The Naturanda® brand has since become synonymous with ECO-INNOVATION, thus pursuing its mission for the Iindustry division as well. Research and development geared toward enhancing and developing eco-innovative solutions for supply chains, the market, and consumers.



Sustainability at the center

Today, the Bartoli spa paper mill presents itself with a group of trained, motivated and creative employees. The company's various departments interface periodically to face increasingly attentive and demanding markets. 

We want to be a qualitative point of reference for different sectors in a transversal and open way, oriented to the development of creative and increasingly sustainable solutions.

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