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This is a family of eco-innovative materials produced from plant fibers, mechanically processed to produce a high-strength weave. The material can be designed to meet specific market needs. In fact, it is possible to modify thickness, weight and strength, thus achieving the desired characteristics.

The goal of RePROJECT® is to make eco-design products that can boast high performance, both in terms of their use and from an environmental perspective, and constitute an ecofriendly alternative to materials derived from fossil sources.


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The preeminent feature of ReProject® solutions is their ability to adapt to specifications dictated by usage requirements.

Our research and development department is skilled in formulating customized solutions based on the requirements identified for each individual project, leveraging in-depth knowledge gained in heterogeneous fields such as food, design or industrial components.


RePROJECT® is available in thicknesses ranging from 0.5mm to 5mm and it offers a wide range of creative possibilities and practical applications.

This versatility allows the material to be tailored to the specific needs of the project, while ensuring strength, flexibility and durability.

RePROJECT® offers unprecedented flexibility when it comes to sustainability, allowing you to customize the recycled fiber content in your projects from a minimum of 0% to a maximum of 100%. This variety of options allows you to balance your sustainability needs with the specific requirements of your project, while ensuring reliable performance and high-quality results.

RePROJECT® stands out for its versatility and customization due to its multifiber composition, which offers a variety of combinations of long, medium and short fibers with different structural and performance characteristics.

This feature allows for specific adaptation with respect to the required use.

Additional protection through its flame retardant properties. This innovative material is designed to offer superior safety, providing greater fire resistance without compromising workability qualities or versatility

RePROJECT® is not only an environmentally friendly and durable material; it is also a canvas on which to paint your creativity. With a colour palette of over 50 options, ReProject® gives you the freedom to express your style and meet the demands of your project with precision and personality.

With values ranging from 60 to 4000 Newton, you can choose the tensile strength best suited to your specific needs, ensuring reliable performance and high-quality results for your project.

RePROJECT® also offers significant flexibility through its ability to adapt to the specific needs of your project. Its elasticity varies from 5% to 15%, depending on the material composition, offering a range of options that allow you to achieve exactly the degree of flexibility you desire

Ranging from 0.75 to 1.3 g/cm³, RePROJECT® gives you complete control over material density, allowing you to optimise the performance and functionality of your designs.

RePROJECT® in some applications is designed to last a few weeks even though the material is generally designed to last naturally over time, to withstand repeated stresses and strains without compromising its structural integrity. This leads it to be used repeatedly in a variety of applications.

RePROJECT® redefines limits and resistance. It is possible to design a material offering resistance to water absorption or resistance in wet conditions or resistance to surface water penetration.


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