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Environmental Responsibility

We envision a universe in which sustainability is naturally part of everyday life.

We adopt innovative perspectives to address current challenges, with a desire to promote a healthy industrial approach that goes beyond the boundaries of our present

We are ready

The three-year period 2020-22 has, certainly, been particularly difficult and challenging.
The pandemic highlighted the inequalities and some critical issues that exist in the world, the social and economic impacts were different from country to country, from sector to sector.

To follow, we had to deal with a tightening of commodity and energy prices and the resulting heavy inflation.

However, despite these difficulties, Bartoli spa has shown firmness and determination on the environmental action plan decided in previous years as well as continued to implement in the three-year period in question.

We have made sustainability a strategic lever of development, working to reduce its impact on natural capital, maximizing its benefits for the community along the entire value creation chain, from procurement to the production process, from logistics to correct consumer information.

Our environmental policy, which began many years ago thanks to the push of some customers in the various sectors in which the company operates, has always been oriented towards a scientific approach and never ideological, making use only of suitable certifications issued by qualified internationally recognized bodies in accordance with the requirements of the more than 80 countries where the company operates or, indirectly, of the countries receiving our customers' finished products.



Sustainability as a corporate philosophy

Shared throughout the supply chain

Over the years, Bartoli spa has focused on the environmental sustainability of its products and production process, in accordance with the most restrictive standards and regulations for international industry. It has always strived and continues to this day to identify the needs and expectations relevant to the stakeholders of the context in which it operates in order to then implement actions aimed at satisfying them. For our organization, sustainability is a true corporate philosophy, which has become part of our code of ethics, shared by top management and all divisions and functions.

We have embarked on a long journey, planned at every point, dedicated to change and innovation, in order to be able to continue, even in the near future, to compete in our target markets.

Bartoli spa's mission is to safeguard the environment.
We want to preserve the planet's resources, prevent risks to the health and physical safety of workers, improve the company's organization, and be an example to customers, suppliers, and employees in respecting laws and rules. Initiatives such as the global agenda with sustainable development goals from



BARTOLI spa, for its activity of paper and cardboard production, carried out at its production site in Capannori, locality Carraia, via Traversa di Parezzana 12/14/16, on the occasion of the implementation of an Environmental Management System according to the requirements of the UNI EN ISO 14001:2015 Standard, has drafted its Environmental Policy.

The company, having decided to pursue an Environmental Policy focused on continuous improvement of its Environmental Management System (EMS):

  • Updates periodically the analysis of the context in which it operates, to identify any factors that may influence the ability to achieve the expected outcomes of the EMS;

  • Undertakes to identify the needs and expectations relevant to stakeholders in the context in which the company operates and, if not already met, undertakes to implement actions aimed at satisfying them;

  • Periodically updates its environmental aspects, assessing the environmental performance of the site with a view to continuous improvement, and assesses a priori the environmental impacts arising from new processes or changes to what already exists;

  • Ensures compliance with environmental laws and regulations through systematic monitoring of their evolution over time; Promotes its workers' awareness and responsibility towards environmental protection with training and information programs;

  • Disseminates the Environmental Policy to its Personnel and makes it available to the Public, with whom an open dialogue is pursued;

  • Is committed to preventing any non-compliance of the EMS, environmental pollution and any emergency situation also through constant surveillance of activities and facilities.

The company prioritizes:

  • The proper definition of roles and responsibilities, related to the processes defined in the EMS;

  • The proper education and/or information and training to all personnel, internal or external, whose activities may generate environmental impacts;

  • The proper management of significant environmental aspects such as: energy consumption, water resources, air emissions and waste.

  • The improvement of performance indicators related to the significant aspects mentioned above.

  • The production and use of energy from renewable sources.

  • The control of its products so that they are not dangerous to the environment and humans.

The company, in harmony with the principle of Sustainable Development, considers this declaration to be a priority commitment to conduct its activities in an environmentally friendly manner and aimed at continuous improvement of the EMS.

Sustainability report

We decided to draft a document that would allow us to share with our stakeholders the commitment that has always distinguished our company's work.

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