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Sustainability and Safety in Footwear."

Bartoli, which has always been committed to the in-depth study and promotion of the fundamental principles of sustainability, has created a training and information path of excellence through the organization of seminars and webinars of international resonance.

October 2016

This event stood out for its dedication to the in-depth exploration of issues related to environmental sustainability and safety in footwear manufacturing processes, thus helping to consolidate best practices in the industry.

July 2020

"Sustainability in the fashion system, creating value in the footwear supply chain."

This webinar provided a unique opportunity to examine the dynamics of sustainability within the fashion system, focusing on the importance of creating value throughout the footwear supply chain. The organizers brought together industry experts and key stakeholders to share knowledge and innovative ideas to promote sustainable practices that can shape the future of the fashion-footwear industry.

Sustainability report

We decided to draft a document that would allow us to share with our stakeholders the commitment that has always distinguished our company's work.

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