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Circular Economy


Bartoli spa has developed an approach aimed at valorizing secondary raw materials to give new life to potential waste, turning it into valuable resources. Suffice it to say that by 2022, 98.6 percent of the raw materials used will be post-consumer recycled paper. All of which, moreover, is certified through third-party FSC® and PEFC GRS certifications.

This modus operandi allows us to make minimal use of virgin pulp (1.4% in 2022) and consequently be able to transform a material destined for waste into a resource.

In addition, we have invested in technologies and projects such as Back to Life and Take Back to reduce waste generation and increase the rate of circularity.


We are a company that has been distinguished by its commitment and dedication to sustainability since its founding.

Founded with a clear and responsible vision, the company has integrated sustainable principles into its DNA, demonstrating an unwavering commitment to the environment, society, and the economy.

97% of our raw materials come from EU countries. 

Sourcing from more "local" suppliers provides greater security about the sources of supply in addition to their traceability.


Back To Life


Thanks to a major investment, implemented in 2020, in a second raw material treatment line dedicated to special post-consumer pulping, we can recover paper from finished products and put it back into the production cycle, granting it new life.

Bartoli spa has developed an innovative technique for processing complex and tough fibers that makes it possible to reduce the need for virgin fiber and reuse more of the noble recovered fibers otherwise destined to become waste. Raw materials undergo thermal pre-treatment by means of residual steam obtained from our cogeneration plant, such that they can then be sent to the next processing stage and regenerate new products.

Sustainability report

We decided to draft a document that would allow us to share with our stakeholders the commitment that has always distinguished our company's work.

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