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Aticelca Certification


Aticelca - Expertise in the Paper Industry
Aticelca is a technical association founded in 1967, bringing together professionals in the paper industry. As the technical arm of Assocarta, Aticelca actively collaborates with other Italian and international technical organizations.

Their primary mission is to provide members with valuable technical and scientific knowledge to improve paper production and manufacturing methods.

Aticelca 501:2019 - Assessing Recyclability
The Aticelca 501:2019 system is a method for assessing the recyclability of cellulosic materials and products, primarily paper and cardboard. Through laboratory analysis, the system assigns a recyclability grade based on various measurements. This grade can range from "A+" (highly recyclable) to "non-recyclable," with five levels in total.

Our Cardboard Achieves "A" Recyclability
We are proud to announce that our cardboard products received an "A" grade in the Aticelca recyclability assessment. This signifies that our cardboard can be effectively and efficiently recycled using current papermaking technologies, when blended with other recycled paper fibers collected through separate paper recycling programs.


Its recycling involves a waste of less than 10%*.

In this process, the standard UNI EN 643, European list of unified grades of paper and board for recycling, adopted by the CEPI technical committee for corrugated board, plays a role of fundamental importance, as it defines the paper and board materials and products that can be recycled.

In addition to being relevant to all operators involved in the paper recovery process, the standard also assumes considerable importance for citizens. Indeed, through it, organizations can promote good practices for proper disposal of these materials, as well as make consumers aware of the relevance of their role in circular resource management.

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Aticelca Certification
Sustainability report

We decided to draft a document that would allow us to share with our stakeholders the commitment that has always distinguished our company's work.


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