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Naturanda® Hanger

The environmentally friendly and durable hanger

"The Naturanda® hanger is more than just a hanger; it is an eco-friendly and durable option that marries functionality and sustainability."

Made from renewable sources, 75 percent certified recycled paper and the remaining 25 percent from certified virgin paper (Fsc®), this hanger represents a tangible commitment to the conservation of natural resources.

Its sturdiness is surprising, not that of a simple cardboard: with the capacity to support over 10 kg of weight, the Naturanda® hanger is ideal for durability even when used for heavy clothing such as coats and jackets. What's more, with its Aticelca certification (Level A), this product ensures that at the end of its long life it can become a valuable resource again, simply by throwing it out of the paper collection to make new paper.

But the real strength of the Naturanda® hanger lies in its reduced environmental impact.

In short, the Naturanda® hanger is the perfect choice for those who want sustainable home organization without compromising on quality and durability.

With the Naturanda® hanger, every hanger is a small step toward a greener, brighter future.


Sustainability report

We decided to draft a document that would allow us to share with our stakeholders the commitment that has always distinguished our company's work.

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