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A history that began in 1894

Founded as a small paper mill, today Bartoli is a cutting-edge company, a leader in the production of fiberboard

We believe that a responsible company plays a strategic role in fostering sustainable growth, declining as such economic, social, and environmental growth.

The challenge towards climate change has defined a precise path to manage and minimize its impacts, working on specific production planning and using specific software to monitor and evaluate our operations. Therefore, Bartoli spa's mission is to make sustainability a strategic lever of development in the entirety of its declinations, engaging in increasing the rate of circularity.

Working to reduce its impact on the environment, seeking to maximize its social benefit in the creation of value for the community. The policy of economic sustainability sees as a strategic driver the continuous investment towards new innovative technologies capable of ensuring positive effects on natural capital through, mainly, energy and plant efficiency.

The paper industry is energy intensive by definition, therefore, we believe it is necessary to flank investments in carbon neutral alternative energies with a continuous energy efficiency program and develop a lasting competitive advantage for the company by limiting its environmental impact and thus protect the ecosystem.

In assuming this responsibility, it wishes to involve its suppliers, customers, and employees all in order to make and maximize a collective contribution.

Disciplinare Ambientale

Abbiamo deciso di redigere un documento che ci permettesse di condividere con i nostri stakeholder l'impegno che da sempre contraddistingue il lavoro della nostra azienda.

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