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Energy efficiency, digitalization comes to our production plants

20 july 2023

Thanks to the collaboration with Glayx, our plants are being digitalised and have become intelligent.

In addition to the installation of a 976 kWp photovoltaic system, which has allowed us to significantly reduce emissions related to electricity consumption, we have equipped ourselves with the PShave® digital platform. This solution allows us to intelligently manage our self-production plants, with particular attention to cogeneration. Thanks to PShave®, we are not only improving energy efficiency, but also increasing the flexibility of our production processes.

Both these interventions reflect our commitment to energy independence, a challenge that we have embraced with determination. In a market where attention to energy use is a fundamental competitive advantage, we are positioning ourselves as a leader in the sector, consolidating our position and actively contributing to environmental sustainability.

Our path to energy independence is only the beginning of a long journey towards a more sustainable future. We will continue to explore new solutions and adopt best practices to ensure a positive impact on the planet and future generations.

Sustainability report

We decided to draft a document that would allow us to share with our stakeholders the commitment that has always distinguished our company's work.

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