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The ecological transition as an opportunity for the paper industry

20 november 2023

The adoption of sustainable measures and strategies is an essential commitment for Italian companies that wish to grow more competitive in the domestic and international market.

How can the ecological transition improve company competitiveness? What are the ESG criteria and how do they affect the paper supply chain?

On 24 November, at the Lucca Confindustria Toscana Nord headquarters, our general director Luca Bozzoli will be one of the speakers at the event "Sustainability and innovation: opportunities and challenges in the paper supply chain", organised by Sace.

The event was founded with the aim of stimulating sector entrepreneurship in the construction of new supply chain synergies, with the aim of making them real value chains, resilient, efficient and green.

Sustainability report

We decided to draft a document that would allow us to share with our stakeholders the commitment that has always distinguished our company's work.

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