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GRS Certification

Global Recycled Standard

Certificazione GRS

The Global Recycled Standard is a standard developed by the nonprofit organization Textile Exchange in order to assess and certify the presence of recycled materials, initially within textile products, later extending to other materials. It enhances products made from recycled materials, in compliance with environmental and social criteria extended to all stages of the production chain.

By obtaining this certification, Bartoli spa commits to:

  • Control of recycled content: the standard defines specific requirements for the content of recycled materials in products, ensuring that a certain percentage of these materials come from recycled sources.
  • Traceability: GRS requires accurate traceability of recycled raw materials used in products, enabling consumers and stakeholders to understand where materials originate.
  • Environmental sustainability: The use of recycled materials helps reduce the textile industry's consumption of natural resources and environmental impact.
  • Compliance with social standards: GRS also considers the social aspects of textile production, such as respect for workers' rights and ethical practices.

A certification that recognizes the fundamental importance of recycling for the growth of a sustainable production and consumption model.

The Global Recycled Standard guarantees:

  • Products containing at least 20% pre-consumer and post-consumer recycled material;
  • Manufacturing activities and processes through which recycled material is used to make intermediate products (for example: yarns and fabrics) or finished products for consumers, using management models and procedures that comply with the set requirements.
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GRS Certification
Sustainability report

We decided to draft a document that would allow us to share with our stakeholders the commitment that has always distinguished our company's work.

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